Coronavirus Procedures and Guidelines

Everyone at Maine Escape Games is excited to have players come back and enjoy our rooms. However, we must take every precaution to protect the safety of your team, the team that will play after you, and our awesome employees. The following are the procedures and guidelines that we ask your team to follow and the procedures we will follow to enhance everyone's safety.


  • To limit the number of people in the lobby, once the entire team has arrived you will be brought into the building.
  • We request that all team members wear face masks when entering the building.
  • Each team is assigned a specific restroom that has been cleaned prior to your arrival.
  • Prior to the start of your game we recommend every team member wash their hands.
  • Upon entering the escape room all team members will move beyond the tape that has been placed on the floor. This will create adequate distance between your team and the game master.
  • The game master will describe the scenario and goals for the specific escape room.
  • Once the game master has left the room the team members can remove their face masks if the wish.
  • During the game if a team member must use the restroom they will use the specific restroom assigned to just their team.
    • We request a face mask be worn to and from the escape room.
  • Once the team has escaped we request that all team members reapply their face masks.
  • At this time we will not be taking team pictures in the lobby.
  • The escape room and the restroom is then cleaned prior to the next team arriving.


  • Lobby will be restricted to one group of less than 10 people at a time.
  • Practice enhanced room sanitation by cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, items and locks between games. Increase the amount of time between games to ensure adequate amount of time for cleaning.
  • Clean restrooms between each group.
  • Paper puzzles will be single use or laminated and cleaned between groups.
  • Provide sanitation materials, such as sanitizing wipes, to employees to clean headphones, keyboards, mouse and equipment before/after use.


  • All employees are required to wear cloth face coverings and to practice good hand hygiene with frequent hand-washing and especially between contact with customers and customer equipment.
  • Ensure employees stay 6 feet apart whenever practical.
  • Do not allow employee food or drink in lobby or game room area.
  • Discourage employees from using colleagues’ phones, desks, workstations, radios, handhelds/wearables, or other work tools and equipment.
  • Provide employees training:
    • physical distancing guidelines and expectations
    • monitoring personal health
    • proper wear, removal, disposal of Personal Protective Equipment
    • cleaning protocols